20 May, 2007


I'm a fan of Michael Wolf's work. My favorite photographer of the past 10 years is probably Gabriel Orozco. That link is the best resource I've found on him online. The dvd is quite good and shows his photographic process, which involves more artist intervention than I've been employing. I'm definitely very influenced by him and measure what I think are my best shots to the standard that he's set.


  1. I've been checking out Flakphoto a lot lately. Just read that it won an award at the "2007 Photobloggies"... which I had no idea existed. I see trophies for Een Per Dag at the 2008 ceremony.

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    When i was in France i believe watched some orozco video works (though i could be making this up--i can't find them anywhere) where he just wandered with a video camera and would pick up things to follow for periods. not nearly as interesting at most of his work, but it was an interesting attempt to catch the sort of playful "wandering" that shows up in the documentary.