17 May, 2007


Whatever you want to call them, the idea of having a theme for everyone's submission on a particular day has been floating around since the project's inception. I think Cindy brought it up first and we decided to first determine how successful this project could be without those parameters. Speaking for myself, this has been great fun and I think that its been more successful than I hoped for. Ryan has brought up the topic of themes again in a comment earlier this month and I think we can discuss it more informedly now that we have some members with almost 50 posts.
Questions I have are: Do you want themes at all? Would you like them to be integrated with your One A Day project or something separate, as Ryan seemed to be suggesting? Themes for a specific day? Or would you like a weekly theme where you'd try to get your photo sometime during the week and relieve the potential stress of trying to find a specific shot in one day?
The most fun question is about what the themes might be. I would like to recommend a wonderful magazine called Cabinet as an example of some great assignments. In the begininning of every issue they have these wonderful commissioned articles about colors, objects, foods, etc. I think their views of photographic assignments would tend towards more obtuse themes, not necessarily involving specific objects.


  1. I'm up for anything. theme already underway - Elvis.

  2. i would prefer a weekly theme that we have seven days in which to capture on any given day. only because im a very busy girl these days.

  3. i still like keeping the general posts a free for all. i think make it a separate task, or if a trend develops people should "curate" themes retroactively. that will be good practice for the print version culling.

  4. i don't llike the idea of a specific them on this site, however im all fo rdoing it in a seperate context. Cindy and I are married now, we will try and have our pics be different still.