31 January, 2011

And we're off...

The website is live. A dozen people are already taking photos at the starting date. We're all older and wiser this time around (but still taking photos "of nothing.") 

We first started Een Per Dag in 2007 and kept it going for about two years. It's been an almost two year hiatus and we're back to start fresh. I kept a few blog posts from 2007 that were still relevant and we plan to use the blog much as we did last time. This spot will be our opportunity to discuss how the project is going and any changes that could improve it. 
Good luck and keep posting.

20 May, 2007


I'm a fan of Michael Wolf's work. My favorite photographer of the past 10 years is probably Gabriel Orozco. That link is the best resource I've found on him online. The dvd is quite good and shows his photographic process, which involves more artist intervention than I've been employing. I'm definitely very influenced by him and measure what I think are my best shots to the standard that he's set.

17 May, 2007


Whatever you want to call them, the idea of having a theme for everyone's submission on a particular day has been floating around since the project's inception. I think Cindy brought it up first and we decided to first determine how successful this project could be without those parameters. Speaking for myself, this has been great fun and I think that its been more successful than I hoped for. Ryan has brought up the topic of themes again in a comment earlier this month and I think we can discuss it more informedly now that we have some members with almost 50 posts.
Questions I have are: Do you want themes at all? Would you like them to be integrated with your One A Day project or something separate, as Ryan seemed to be suggesting? Themes for a specific day? Or would you like a weekly theme where you'd try to get your photo sometime during the week and relieve the potential stress of trying to find a specific shot in one day?
The most fun question is about what the themes might be. I would like to recommend a wonderful magazine called Cabinet as an example of some great assignments. In the begininning of every issue they have these wonderful commissioned articles about colors, objects, foods, etc. I think their views of photographic assignments would tend towards more obtuse themes, not necessarily involving specific objects.